Our Team


Our marketing team serves as a valuable link between our in-house printing services and our customers. All members that this team comprises are marketing executives who are well trained in the field, capable of handling any project due to the vast amount of experience and the esteemed knowledge they possess. The members of our marketing team exist to help the clients in job economics and estimations. They bring to the table many years of practical experience, and this ensures that all our clients' inputs are clearly understood. In addition, potential problems are identified and solutions are discussed accordingly. As a team, we are dedicated to support the customers and stay in constant contact with them in order to ensure that clear communications are established and maintained and that the final product delivered matches all expectations.

Our creative team works in collaboration with the marketing team in order to breathe life into your ideas and convert them into substantial solutions of superior quality, fit to compete on an international scale. Kamsri ensures utilization of the most sophisticated software to give your solution just the edge it needs. Every step in this process is strictly supervised in order to ensure that your thoughts are accurately translated into solutions by us.
Our Team